Monday, March 19, 2018


Week 92
March 19, 2018

Hello Friends and Family, 
I hope you all had a great week.  This week was for sure a lot of fun!!!

The highlight of this week was definitely "The Arrivals."  It was so amazing to see ten new missionaries enter this mission.  The best part is that I have an apo (grandchild) now.  His name is Elder McClure and he's dope. Elder Estrada is happy to be training!  This week was filled with a lot of mixed emotions...I had so many of my close friends going home, but I was also able to witness a lot of new missionaries coming in and seeing their new fresh faces and white shirts (mine aren’t not so white anymore.)  So yeah, it was a good week. The rest of this week was spent preparing for our travels for the rest of the transfer.

Another cool part of this week was  Stake Conference for the Iloilo Stake with Elder Bowen of the Seventy, who is the Area President of the Philippines.  It was amazing because most of the things he shared were about missionary work. It was sooo cool and amazing...President Cruz said, “My prayers have been answered.” It was a big help for our mission. It was amazing to talk to him. The General Authorities are literally the best and nicest people anyone can ever meet. It was amazing to feel the Spirit he brings with him. It was such a great experience. My favorite part of what he shared was how members can talk to others about the gospel. He said all it takes is asking anyone a four word question. “Are you a Mormon?” He talked about how he asks this to most everyone he comes in contact with.  After he asks that question, he tells them how they look like a Mormon and talks about all the things they have in common. It was really cool. I think it helped members a lot too! I am extremely thankful for him and for his service to our Savior.  

That’s all I have for last week.  This week should be fun.  We just scheduled a lot of appointments with stake leaders, and bishops, and branch presidents.  We will be going to Antique, Iloilo, and Guimaras this week.  It should be great.

I hope you all have a great week.  I love ya all, it is so crazy that my mission is now coming to an end. I honestly don’t want to go home...I have super mixed feelings.

Halong kamo, Plangga ta kamo
Elder Andersen

My family
My name is now on the departure board!!!

My Family

My Family

Elder Estrada meeting his Trainee, Elder McClure.

My name is now on the "Departure Board."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Week 91
March 13, 2018

Hello Friends and Family, 
I hope you all had a great week.  This week was a lot of fun!

This week was spent preparing... a lot! haha.  We did get to work a little though, which was fun.  So what were we preparing for?  Well, today we lost 18 missionaries, which was honestly soooo sad. We just lost some of the best missionaries in this mission, so today was a pretty sad day.   However, I am so excited for tomorrow because we will be receiving 10 new missionaries... we are also pumped for that.  This week we also did our transfers, which was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun.  It is so cool to see how President receives revelation, he is just the best guy in the world!

Another big change  this week is that I have a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Steiner!! We are excited to kill it! Elder Hanks and I are also sad to be separated but we are also excited for the new change! Another cool thing that happened was a change to the areas I am over.   Last transfer, I covered three Zones, Roxas, Iloilo, and Kalibo, I had only one area in those 3 zones that I had served i... Kalibo,  Now my new Zones are: Iloilo North (where I served in 3 areas), Antique (where I served), and Guimaras (where I also served).  I I am so excited and blessed  to have the chance to work in my old areas! 

All in all, this week was a lot of fun and a lot was accomplished.  Yesterday was cool, because we were able to go sightseeing in Guimaras with the departing missionaries.  We went to this really cool place called Guici, where there’s this really cool light house, and the nicest beach I have ever seen... the water was so unbelievably clear!

That’s really all I have for this week, I love this work!  It is crazy to say, I have less than 12 weeks until I will be coming home...sooo crazy.  These past two years have gone by so fast!

I love you all!
Plangga ta kamo
Elder Andersen

Most of these pictures are from our trip to Guici with the departing missionaries.

Elder Steiner

Monday, March 5, 2018


Week 90
March 5, 2018

What's up Friends and Family? 
This week was a lot of fun!!  Last Monday, we made the long trek up to Kalibo.  We got there pretty late, and on Tuesday and Wednesday we over-saw the zone interviews.  We were able to give a few trainings about repentance which was a lot of fun, and also very humbling. It was great seeing all my mission friends (lots of them are in the Kalibo Zone), so it was fun talking and catching up with everyone. Then on Wednesday night,the Kalibo Ward, (the ward in my last area) had a Ward Family Home Evening, so I literally got to see almost all the members I was really close with, and a lot of my investigators. It was sooo great, and a lot of fun.   I feel so blessed and lucky that I was able to be there for that!  

The Zone Conference was great.  On Friday, we drove back to Iloilo and got in around about 8:00pm.  We went home and slept, and woke up early in the morning because we were headed to Guimaras.  We took President's van over to Iloilo and we spent the day with President and Sister Cruz.   Sunday, we had the Guimaras District Conference.  I  was blessed again to see all the members from Guimaras (another one of my areas), that was sooooo much fun, I loved it.  It was such an amazing experience! 

The District Conference was awesome too.  It was very spiritual, and a lot of fun. This week was kind of funny food wise... every day from Tuesday to Friday we ate at McDonalds once or twice a day.  Let's say... I lost a lot of weight when I first got to the Philippines, and with this new calling I am gaining it back... bummer! (It's alright hahah.)  That's really all I have for this week.  We have MLC this week, so that'll be fun!

I love you all.  Have a great week!
Plangga ko kamo
 Elder Andersen

Monday, February 26, 2018


Week 89
February 26, 2018

Hello Friends and Family, 
I hope you all had a great week.  First of all I want to wish my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY... he's really old now haha!!

This week was sooo amazing!  We spent the whole week in Capiz.  

On Tuesday afternoon, we left for Sigma.  We arrived there at around 5pm and then we met with the Bishop in Sigma. It was crazy how far away the Bishop's house was, and by the time we got to his house we had mud up to our knees.  It was fun though! After that, we drove to Roxas City and slept there with Elder Infante (my MTC companion), and Elder Strulend.  We did some Exchanges with them on Wednesday, and we met with several priesthood leaders that Wednesday night.  They bought us dinner after that meeting. It was an amazing meeting, with three Bishops, and a Stake President getting so excited to help their Wards and Stake improve in missionary work.  That night we slept in the city again, then in the morning we headed to President Roxas and did District Meeting in Manoling. It was amazing...Manoling is the farthest  area away in the mission.  It's in the middle of the mountains, and they also have the most amazing church.  (I'll attach a picture.) After, we met with their Bishop, then drove back to President Roxas and met with their Bishop. Then that night we drove to Estancia, and slept there, The missionaries in Estancia have the most beautiful apartment view in the world!  (more pics attached.)  It was fun I and  was able to work with Elder McAllister again.  The meeting with their Branch President was also very good.  Saturday morning, we drove to Ajuy, and worked with them a little bit, and met with their Group Leader.  After that meeting, we came home. Man... It was a tiring week, but it was amazing!  It has been sooo cool to see all these areas, and be with all these missionaries. 

The work here is great!  I love you all.  Happy birthday, Dad. This calling as a traveling assistant is a lot different, but it is so rewarding and a lot of fun. I love this work.  Have a great week
Plangga ta kamo tana
Elder Andersen







Estancia and Bucket Hats

Estancia and Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats

Estancia Apartment

Estancia Apartment

Monday, February 19, 2018


Week 88
February 19, 2018

Hello friends and family, this week was a lot of fun!!

So this week, the best thing that happened was that Saturday President Cruz asked me and Elder Hanks to do a special project for him. We spent the day making a little light house. We made it and then we were invited to the Stake Conference in the Iloilo North Stake.  It was especially great because I served in three areas that were in this Stake, so I knew a lot of people there.  (I probably knew about 1/5 of the people there.)  I also had about ten converts at that was so awesome!!  President Cruz also gave a really cool object lesson. Elder Schmutz of the Seventy was there, he gave a really good talk about the Holy Ghost. I love listening to our General Authorities...they are amazing and so inspired. Lastly, the Iloilo North Stake Choir was just awesome.  I was brought to tears by their music. I honestly felt like I was listening to Motab... it was so great! 

This week we also had the opportunity to go on "Exchanges" with two companionships.  I was with Elder Steiner for one of the days, it was so fun.  We have been together so much on our mission and have grown sooo close. This calling is fun because
I get to see missionaries in action and develop a better and closer relationship with's been great! 

Lastly, today was really cool!  We got to go to a national park to check out a possible site seeing spot for the departing missionaries. It was cool... lots of BIG spiders, poisonous snakes, really cool caves, and a really good view. It was a hike though, and I am wayyyyy out of shape... haha.  

That’s about all I have for this week.  I love you all... have a great week!

Plangga takamo tanan
Elder Andersen
Jimika and me and Elder Hanks
The national park 

The National Park

The National Park

National Park

Stake Conference

Stake Conference

Stake Conference

Stake Conference