Thursday, June 30, 2016


Week 2- MTC

June 28, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow!   This week went a lot faster! I feel like I was just sitting down to email you a few days ago.  The Spirit here is sooooo strong, and sometimes it hits me so hard.  The language is coming along great.  Sometimes I get stuck on some of the grammar concepts,  for example: each sentence can be either object focus, subject focus, or location focus.  Because of the different focuses, you have to conjugate a few words and choose certain filler words.  It's really hard to  know what focus the sentence is,  then it's also hard to conjugate the words and filler words correctly.  Our teachers told us that one day it'll just click.  Hopefully that comes soon…but I am feeling great about everything.    

This week was cool and odd at the same time because of the Mission President Seminar that was going on all week.  We weren't allowed to eat in the cafeteria all week so we ate in the gym.  It wasn’t all that bad because they brought in good food like Chick-fil-A, and some really good island type of food.  The island food was bomb…definitely worth eating in the gym.  Other than that, the experience was awesome.  All 12 apostles and many General Authorities were here.  It was really cool that they were all here and that we got to see them.  The best part of the week was getting to meet our Mission President, President Cruz and his wife.  They are both from he Philippines.  I don't remember where President Cruz is from in the Philippines, but his wife is actually from Iloilo.  They both speak English, but it is a little broken.  When I first met him,  he thought I was Neil L Andersen's grandson because apparently his grandson just entered the MTC too.   Talking to them made me just want to go to Iloilo already.  They said Iloilo has the best mangoes in the world, can't wait to try them.   He also said you haven’t been to the Philippines unless you’ve tried balut… so I'm going to have to do that when I get there.  Other than that, they really focused on how we have to be exactly obedient and how we must love the people.  It was a really spiritual meeting and I just can’t wait to get there.  

Today we went to the temple to help with the renovations they are doing in the temple.  We spent all of our time in three endowment rooms ripping up carpet and scraping glue off the ground.  It was nice to help with the renovations… it was really cool because that only happens once every 10-15 years.  Even though the experience was cool, I did miss doing an endowment session.

Elder Gunter is still awaiting his new assignment.   I feel bad for him because I would not want to be learning a language that he will literally never use, but he always seems happy and he doesn't mind learning Ilongo.   

Other than that this week has just been a normal week... grinding away.  Have a great week!

Best Wishes,

Elder Andersen

Logan's Zone Leader-

Logan met his Mission President and his wife.  They were in the MTC for The Mission President's Seminar  President Cruz will be the new Mission President in July for the Philippines, Iloilo Mission. 

Logan's companions, Elder Gunter and Elder InFante

Logan with friend from home, Sister Madison Siebers

Classroom Instruction

Logan met up with two of his cousins that work in the MTC, Jake and Jon Wagstaff.  I'm sure he was excited to see them.

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