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Week 3- MTC

July 5, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This was another great week full of some new experiences.  Last week we were able to host the new missionaries coming into the MTC, it was really fun.  It was nice to get out of class a little early and then it was so cool to see the new missionaries coming into the MTC.   We get to host again tomorrow so that'll be fun.  We are losing one district this week and gaining two so hopefully I'll be able to host some of the kids in the new district.  It's going to be sad to say goodbye to the other district, we have become really good friends.   They can't wait to get out into the field... I'm pretty jealous of them but I'm also really happy for them, they'll do great.

After I emailed last P-day,  Elder Gunter got his new mission call and he was assigned to the Mesa, Arizona mission.  I could tell he was sad about not being able to go to PI, but he is happy and ready to serve in Mesa.  There is a possibility  he will be able to come back though.  He goes in for an allergy test on the 12th of this month, if they can determine what he is allergic to, and he can avoid it in the PI, he will be reassigned to Iloilo. 

Saturday was the Stadium of Fire at BYU (A huge patriotic celebration with entertainment and fireworks.) We had a devotional Saturday night and then all the missionaries were able to go outside and watch the fireworks.  It was really fun to hangout with all the missionaries and just chill for a little bit.  As you can see from the pictures it was a really good time.

This Sunday was Fast Sunday, and it was pretty rough... we fasted from dinner at 5pm on Saturday until dinner at 6pm on Sunday. I don't think I've fasted that long before.  It was a long fast but it was really good and our Fast and Testimony Meeting was super spiritual.  This past Sunday I was asked to say the closing prayer for the devotional a week from today.  (Logan said that the devotional is for the entire MTC, and that a General Authority will be speaking.)  I'm not sure how they pick people, my Branch President told me that I had been chosen.  So, that'll be pretty neat...I'm pretty excited.

Today we helped again with the renovation/cleaning of the Provo Temple.  I was asked to volunteer as a Security Guard, so I pretty much sat on my butt the whole time. My kind of service!  (Just kidding...I enjoy service, but it was nice to have a bit of break as well.)

The language is still coming great,  I'm starting to get confidence, and I'm not scared to speak with our progressing investigators or the people at the TRC.  The MTC is great and I love it here.  The days and weeks are starting to move really fast and in just a little bit I will be of to the PI.  

Hope all is well,
Elder Andersen

Here's some additional highlights:

Elder Andersen:  The language is coming along really great.  I'm really starting to understand what's going on and what I'm speaking.  The schedule can be taxing at times, but I am getting used to missionary life.  

Elder Andersen:  We leave for Manila on July 27.  We will be there for five days and arrive in Iloilo on August 3rd.  I am really excited to go, I really can't wait.  I just want to meet the people and learn how to love others like they do.


Celebrating the 4th of July at the MTC- Watching fireworks from the Stadium of Fire
WIth Elder Martin

Celebrating the 4th

Good Friends

Logan's Zone (minus a few) at the Provo Temple

Logan's Zone at the Provo Temple

More Zone Pictures

The night Elder Gunter was re-assigned to the Mesa, Arizona Mission

Sock Ties

Logan and his Zone Leader, Elder Vaiau

Hosting new missionaries. (Elder Vaiau and Elder Martin- good friends that left the MTC today for the Philippines.)

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