Monday, April 24, 2017


Week 45
Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,
I hope you all had a great week !

This week's crazy story:
The crazy story of the week is when we (two LDS missionaries) were walking down the street and a drunk guy called us over and invited us to come to his nephew's birthday party.  We got there  and then we felt super awkward because the guy that invited us left to go pick up some people...we were left just sitting there.  Oh least we got free food!

This week was a different week for a few reasons... Monday and Tuesday we had MLC  (Missionary Leadership Conference.  It was really great.   I learned a lot,  and the things we were taught are really going to help the mission.  Another reason that the MLC was great was because we had pizza... real pizza.   I ate so much that my stomach hurt really bad.  It was totally worth it though.  Then,  on Wednesday and Thursday, the three of us, Elder Santos and Elder Neri and I got sick, we all had something that was like the flu... I was running a fever all night Tuesday night and Wednesday  We are all better now.  We got better super quickly and we have returned to work!

This week we had some cool teaching experiences.  One cool one was when we "tag baly'ed" this house (rang the door bell).  The house wasn't just any house though, it was the house of a man that is very wealthy.  We talked to him and he ended up inviting us into his house where we taught him.  The man is Baptist and he is super open.  We talked to him about how our church is true and how he needs to be baptized in Jesus Christ's church.  He wants to know more and wants us to teach him.  He invited us to play basketball today, we may go play if we have time!  

That's about all I have this week, sorry it's so short.   I Love this work and I love Guimaras.  The Philippines is the best place on earth!  Have a great week.

Elder Andersen

Sister Cruz...Logan's Mission President's wife sent me these pictures this week..the pizza and MLC pictures are new, but the others are a little older.


Elder Cobabe

Pizza and MLC


Monday, April 17, 2017


Week 44
Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello Friends and Family, this week has been an awesome week...I LOVE GUIMARAS!!!

I don't have a crazy story this week so Imma just dive into my letter because this place is so dope!
I got here on Tuesday afternoon after about an 8 hour trip.  Once I got here, I met my new companion, Elder Santos, and we hopped onto a boat and headed to Guimaras...the boat ride was about 15 minutes..  Elder Santos is soooooo dope and chill. I love him.  He is called a "Harvester" by President Cruz because he baptizes so many people.  We are both pretty young in the mission, he is only one transfer ahead of me.  We have already been having a lot of fun and a lot of good work has been done.  

I asked a lot of people about the house I was moving into... I heard it was absolutely terrible.  My favorite description was "on a scale of Buckingham Palace to cave... it is about an abandoned terrorist hideout." So let's say I... expected the worst, but to my surprise... it is not that bad, I don't mind the house at all.  The bathroom is a little rough but that's okay.  It is a lot of fun.  There's 4 of us in our house and the other companionship is Elder Steiner and Elder Neri.  They're a lot of fun. Elder Neri just came from Dumangas so it has been fun to talk to him about people there.  Of course Elder Steiner is dope, I know him well and it will be great to be with him.  

The Work:
The work here is great.  We have three baptisms scheduled for next Saturday.  The area is doing really well right now.  We have been working really hard to make our Investigator Pool a lot bigger.  Our investigators are really cool and soooooo converted... it is so great.  

Cool Experiences:
This past Friday, we had a great opportunity to go to Iloilo because Elder Schmutz and his wife were visiting.  He is the Second Counselor in the Area Presidency.  It was so cool and extremely spiritual. I learned so much from him.  It was also fun to see a lot of friends. 

Also, this week we have MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference.)  It's for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  It starts today and runs through tomorrow.  I know i'll learn a lot and i'm sure it will be a lot of fun, and..... there's going to be REAL pizza there!  I can't wait!

Lastly, because yesterday was Easter, I would like to share my testimony about Jesus Christ.  I know Jesus Christ lives.  HE is our literal brother and he suffered for ALL of our sins, not just some... ALL of them.  Through him we can become clean and happy.  I know Jesus Christ was sent here for us and he lived a perfect life to set an example for us and accomplish the Atonement.  Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and I am trying to be like him each day.  

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Andersen

This sign is typical of the language in last area.  There's four different languages on this sign...Tagalog, Karay-a, Ilonggo, and Aklanon

General Conference

P-day at some Waterfalls in Antique (my last p-day in Antique.)

Waterfalls- last p-day in Antique.

The Boat to Guimaras

The Boat to Guimaras

Buenavista Port

Our Trike with about 1000 pounds of luggage.

Riding on top of a jeepney.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Week 43
Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Friends and Family, 

This has been a great week!  My letter is not going to be super long, but there are some things I really want to share with you all.

This week was indeed my last week in Pandan.  Before I get to where I'm transferring...some cool things happened to me this week, preparing me for my transfer. This week I finished Alma in the book of Mormon.  One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is about the 2000 Stripling Warriors.  I have always admired them for their faith, and all around coolness, but this week was the first time I really realized how amazing their leader, Helaman was.  I love how he referred to the 2000 young boys as his literal sons, not just boys or warriors, but HIS sons.  I truly admire the way he lead.  On Saturday morning I received a call from President Cruz... he told me that I have been called as a Zone Leader in the Guimaras Zone.  I am so thankful for this calling, and I hope I can emulate just a little of how Helaman lead.  Further to help me was General Conference. (We watch it a week after the actual broadcast in the Philippines.)  It was amazing to hear from our Prophet, and Apostles.  My favorite talk was by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He talked about leadership and what a good leader does and how he leads.   Finally, the thing that topped everything off was a call from Elder Cobabe giving me advice.  All of these things that were given to me was just a little sign that God loves me.  I know he is involved in this work and I have truly come to know Him and his Son, Jesus Christ while serving my mission.  

A little about Guimaras... Guimaras is a little island off of Panay, and It is notorious for "the best mangos in the world."  I am transferring here right in the middle of mango season, and their festival is in a few weeks, where there is all you can eat mangoes for 50-100 pesos (1-2 dollars.)  SWEET!  

My last week in Pandan has been great and today topped it off.  We went to some waterfalls...they were really cool. I was also thrown a little farewell party, with lots of food people made and a member even bought a cake.  Later tonight, we have a FHE with other members, with a bonfire, pizza, and Chicken Curry.  

I am so thankful for the Pandan area and so extremely thankful for all the blessings I have in my life.  Have a great week, love you all.

Elder Andersen

Elder Crichton...He goes home today.

Pandan Sunsets

The Waterfalls

My going away cake

Monday, April 3, 2017


Week 42
Monday, April 3, 2017

First of all I'd like to wish my brother, Braxton,  a Happy birthday.   I hope it was a good one, I honestly have no clue how old he is haha, 

Hello family and friends, I hope you all had a great week.

This week's crazy story:
So this week was of course April Fools' Day... So i played some pranks on other missionaries. I told  three other missionaries that Elder Estrada (my companion) wanted to go home,  and that he was packing.  I did a great job convincing them, and we (Elder Estrada and I)  got them soooo bad.  They were giving me all kinds of advice... and then finally we just screamed... April Fools'!  Alll three of them hung up and wouldn't respond to me for the rest of the day... haha.   I also called to prank Elder Cobabe, but right as I stated my prank...he said, "April Fools!" 

Sister Cruz got ME way bad... she told me our house burned down." haha IDK why she chose our house... but apparently she got Elder Cobabe way bad too!  

The week:
This week was good, a little all over the place, but we have been having a lot of great experiences.  Two moments that stick out from this week...  First, was from "L"...she bore her testimony in church yesterday, It may have been one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard.  It was so cool to see her faith and feel her happiness. The second was when we taught the "A" family this week.  This was the first time we've taught them in a while because "L" really wants to be baptized as a family, but her husband hasn't been giving her support.  We are teaching the whole family now.  The cool experience was when we just shared about families.  Our church is the only church that teaches, as it says in the bible, that families are forever.  I felt prompted to ask Elder Estrada about his feelings  that he will see his parents again after this life. (For those of you who don't know, both of his parents have passed away.)  But as he talked and I as I testified (after I wept, because Elder Estrada is the happiest person I know). I mentioned that Elder Cobabe and I talked about him one time when we were together. We were both wondering how it is that he can be so happy...his parents have died, he was sick for 4 years and almost died, his life is so hard.  We realized that it is this gospel.  This is a happy gospel and the people that have it are the happiest in the world.  I know this church is true and I love serving my Savior every day. 

Have a great week!

Elder Andersen

Cakes for the baptism and birthday last week

"L's" Baptism last week

"L's" Baptism

"L's" Baptism

District Shirts

District Jerseys

District Conference

District Activity...real milkshakes...only 800 pesos