Monday, September 19, 2016


Week 14
September 19, 2016

Hello Everyone,

This week was so great... one of the best, if not the best so far on my mission.

Funny story of the week:
One night this week, we were on our way home and we decided to talk to a group of guys and a girl. We started talking to them and they were really nice.  While we were talking, two of the guys were trying to hold Elder Paxton's hand the entire time.  That's when we realized the guys were gay. Another guy who was probably five feet away from us just kept saying, "PAXTON, PAXTON" over and over again while waving at my comp.  It was pretty funny and I was laughing the whole time...This experience was one of my favorites.  I am still laughing at this every day! 

I had my first baptism this week!  It was great.  "R" is so happy, and so is his family.  After I baptized him,  he started walking up the stairs to the wrong bathroom.  So instead of just walking back through the water, he just jumped back in and swam around.  It was so funny!   The baptism was an amazing experience.  Teaching is going great.  Brother "M" is progressing really well.  He is doing better with his Word of Wisdom problems and his wife is starting to get interested in the church.  He still hasn't been to church, but we're working on that.  He committed to read the Book of Mormon this week. Also we recommitted the "B" family to baptism.  We found out the mom isn't interested, but the dad is super interested.  His boss just shut down his work for a little bit so they're struggling .  The gospel pertains directly to their life and will help them so much.  We also contacted a new family on Saturday, and we are excited about them. 

Today's P day has been great.  We went to the driving range!!!!!  I actually hit it pretty well.  It was great.  So much fun, I forgot how much I miss golfing!   We're spending the day in the city today because tomorrow Elder Paxton turns 21, so we re having a birthday bash.  We're going to Zarks,  a burger place and I'm gonna try to eat this burger in under 5 minutes.   If I do,  it's free and I get a picture on the wall.   Also, it looks like we are moving tomorrow!!!!!   We are WAY pumped.  

The language is coming along great. I pretty much understand everything  that is going on, now if I could just speak it better.  It'll come along though.  

The work is great and I have so much love for the Philippines and the people here.  I'm so happy and I am really starting to lose myself in the work!  I love being a missionary!

Have a great week,

Elder Andersen

My First Baptism

AHHHH...Driving Range!

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