Monday, September 26, 2016


Week 15
September 26, 2016

Hope you all hope you had a great week.

Right after last week's email... I accomplished the "jawbreaker" challenge.  I ate a big burger and a boatload of fries under 5 minutes (I'll send a lot of pictures).  It was fun,  and now my picture is on the wall.  I felt pretty gross afterwards... but it was well worth it!

This week's story:
This week was a rough week because both Elder Paxton and I got pretty sick.  I started feeling sick on Thursday, but we were still able to work. When I woke up Friday Morning, I was running a fever and felt terrible.  I got worse Friday and Saturday and didn't start getting better until Sunday.  I feel pretty good now though.  Elder Paxton was pretty sick yesterday too, but is also doing better today. We weren't able to work Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

This week's biggest news is that we moved to our new apartment.  It's so much nicer than our last apartment.  It's super dope and much closer to the center of town.  We will be able to be much more effective living here.  I'll send some pictures that were taken before we moved in.  I'll send more pictures next week after we get totally moved in.  It's a mess right now.  Right now, all we have is our desks,  mattresses and suitcases.  Hopefully, we are going to be able to go buy everything else we need sometime this week.  The apartment has air conditioning.  It's so nice, we love it!  We have to be careful using it though and budget our time because it is expensive to use.  

Because we were so sick this week we weren't able to teach a whole lot, but we had one really cool lesson with a less active family.  We have been visiting this family for awhile now and this week they came out and told us why they are inactive.  It's a real bummer, and hopefully we can work through it with them.  The cool part of the experience was just knowing that the family trusts us and believes that we can help's very comforting and reassuring.

Elder Paxton's birthday was this week.  it was also a lot of fun. We ate lunch at a member's house.  I now have a new favorite food... it's called bicol express.  It's a sudan which just means it goes on top of rice.  I don't even know whats in it, it's super spicy and so good!  After lunch, we worked  and then we had dinner and birthday cake at another member's house.  

Sorry about the short letter, this week.   We spent a lot of time sleeping and resting this week, but I feel a lot better.  Have a great week! 

Elder Andersen

New rats!
New Apartment
New Apartment

The move to our new apartment

The Jawbreaker Challenge

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