Monday, March 13, 2017


Week 39
Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello friends and family,
I hope you all had a great week.  Elder Estrada and I have been killing it here in PANDAN!!!

So this week's crazy story has to do with something I ate this week, but I'm going to wait until the end of me letter to tell you all what it was, so you're not disgusted with me while reading this. haha

This week was really good.  Elder Estrada and I have been finding like crazy... it is so awesome!  Our best day was Saturday.  So we oym'ed  (This term refers to "open your mouth.") this one tay ( I think this is an Ilonggo word for man??) and he said we could teach him, so we did and while we were starting...a lady, I think somehow related...but not sure how, joined in with us.  She was way tight and so cool.  We taught both of them, and the lesson went really well. After the lesson,  she told us that she wanted us to teach her dad and brothers too. So, we walked over to their house and taught them...she even came with us and rounded them all up. It was SOOOOO cool!  The only problem I can foresee is them being able to come to church...they live pretty far away.   (As we were walking there, I was really realizing just how far away they live.)  

"LA" is doing great.  She is so excited to be baptized and is really getting to know all the members.  We moved her baptismal date to April 1st because of some interview issues.  She is so awesome and loves for us to teach her.  The work here is great and I love it so much!  

We have been told to find a new meeting house so we're gonna focus on that this week if we have time.  This week we're also headed to Iloilo for our Zone Conference, so that will take three days out of our week, that's alright though.  I'm excited to see Elder Cobabe and some of my other friends!

Okay onto this week's crazy story:
This week we were at an investigator's house and I was playing with some kids and doing some magic tricks for them.  Then Elder Estrada came out of the house with a small plate of meat, and was said, "it's "carne" eat it."  Carne  means meat.  So I was like...okay.  I started eating it and I was like "This is good!"  Elder Estrada and the investigator were just laughing, and Elder Estrada said, "I promise that you have never eaten this before." So I was like... "okay... don't tell me until I swallow."  Right as I was about to swallow, I said "iyam shya bala" Which translates to... "Is this dog?"  That's exactly what it was haha.   I can now say I have eaten dog... and I liked it hahaha, ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

That's all I have for this week. I love you guys so much!  Have a great week!
Halong Kamo dito 

Elder Andersen

Chicken Curry

The biggest mosquito I've ever seen!

Hanging with the kids

District Leader Conference

Zone Training

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