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Week 38
Monday, March 6, 2018

Hello friends and family, 
I hope you all had a great week, This week was a lil' different,  but still great!  I'll start off the usual way... but this week's funny story is one that reminded me a lot of my Dad.

This week's funny story:
Our main source of transportation when we have to travel any distance is called a Ceres (pronounced series). This week we had to go to Bugasong (I'll tell why later) which is two hours away.  There are two kinds of ceres, Air con, and Standard.  Aircons are the best because they're a lot bigger and much nicer. A Standard is a lot smaller... more people ride in them, and... it is honestly the WORST!  On one side of the Standard bus, there's two seats and on the other there's three seats, and at the very back there's one long bench that can fit who knows how many people. .  A two seater is what i can sit in somewhat comfortably.    We were going to Bugasong, and we went to the back of the Ceres (regular) because there weren't any people.  As we kept riding, A ton of people kept getting on but they would just sit in the closest seat no matter how many people were sitting on the bench, a lot of them already had four people on them. So...we had this packed bus, but the seat next to me was empty and they whole bench in the back where Elder Estrada was sitting was empty.  It was unbelievable how many people were on this bus, but just all at the very front.  I was laughing as people kept sitting in crowed seats,while there was like 8 open seats next to us.  It just reminded me so much of my dad because i could just imagine his face as he watched people pile onto the same seat.  I mean...my Dad is the guy who coughs on the plane when people are boarding so they won't want to sit next to him. After writing this, it doesn't seem that funny,,,but it was! haha.   I still don't understand why the heck all those people wouldn't want tot sit in an open comfortable seat!  haha.  

So... on to the week.  This week was different, because of transfers, so not a ton of work was done.  On Wednesday we went up to Kalibo to Withdraw.  That took all day, then on Thursday we had District Meeting, so we weren't able work a ton that day because traveling just takes so long!. On Friday, we went to Bugasong to pick up two boxes of Books of Mormons, because every companionship, including us, were completely out.  That took all day too.  We were able to still have some good teaching experiences this week though, especially with Luc Alvarez.  She is progressing really well! We teach her almost every night because they live so close to us.  She's awesome, she came to church yesterday for the 3rd time in a row, and is getting really excited for her baptism.  We have been trying to teach her husband...it hasn't happened yet, but we'll keep trying.  Also, another cool family that we found is the Pintor family.  I talked about them in my letter last week.  They're the family with the 5 girls.  We taught them a really good lesson yesterday...they really understand.  They were a little apprehensive when we showed up but after we taught them, they were asking lots of questions, and everything  just made sense to them.  

The District: 
I am so unbelievably pumped for my District.  All the people who transferred in are awesome, I know all of them.  Elder Crichton Is from Austrilia and he only has 5 weeks left but he is s excited to be back in Antique, and get his area going.  Elder IKa is from California.  He was in my last District, he is  loud, fun, and so dope!  Elder Valencia is Elder Simpson's bata.  He is happy to be here and ready to get to work.  All three new missionaries in our area  are from my last Zone Iloilo North.  It sounds like our numbers were really good last week to the zone leaders were way happy.  

I'm excited for this work and Iove this place.  Pandan is dope such a beautiful place and so dope.  I love the work, and mostly I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
Have a great week, Love you all

Elder Andersen

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