Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Week 79
Monday, December 18, 2017

Hello Friends and Family... Tagalog is hard... haha.

This week was lit.  I forgot how hard being a Zone Leader is...hahah!

On Tuesday, I headed up to Kalibo.  Let's just say... I miss Passi soo much, and I didn't really want to leave.  However, if there is any other area that I would want to be in, it would be Kalibo! 

Monday was also great.  On Monday, we had a gift exchange with the Sisters, and  Nay and "J".  It was a lot of fun, but it was kind of hard to enjoy because I was so sad, but it was good.

So, I got here on Tuesday night, it was about a four hour ride from Passi.  I met up with Elder Merrill, my new companion and a good friend from the mission...this next transfer will be great!   We headed home, then went right to a dinner appointment with some members. The members here are so great...we could literally eat  at the "G" family's house every night.  My plan of getting skinny is not going too well... haha. 

Wednesday, we woke up and headed to Iloilo for MLC (Misisonary Leadership Conference).  We were at the MLC on Wednesday and Thursday.  MLC was so great... it was so inspired and so amazing. 

Thursday night, we got on a ceres (bus) to head back to Kalibo.  The best part was that all the ceres' stop in Passi.  Nay and "J" and the missionaries met me in Passi, and I was able to see them all again.  Nay also made me some Bicol Express... I love that stuff!

As we were leaving Passi, some kids threw a rock at our ceres and shattered the window...that was an ordeal.  The whole window broke and eventually shattered.  We rode most of the ride without a window in the bus...it was miserable. 

We finally got to Kalibo at around 12am. On Friday, we spent the day doing Zone Leader stuff...just helping some missionaries out, and unpacking. 

Saturday and Sunday was hard because there was a typhoon here. Don't worry about the typhoon though, nothing too serious happened,  just flooding everywhere... haha.  

Kalibo is so lit... I love this place. The members are doing great and we have several really good investigators! I'm excited to get down to work here.

The language here is interesting. It is mostly Tagalog, with some of the language here, Aklanon, which is crazy. I pretty much understand everything...but it is a whole different world speaking it...haha.  I'm sure I'll have it down here in a few weeks though!

The work here is great, and I love being a missionary. I hope you all have a great week, and a very Merry Christmas! 
Love you all!

Elder Andersen

Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas Conference

Christmas Conference- With Elder Estrada and Norris

MLC with Sister Cruz

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