Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 11
Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great, it went by sooooo fast, probably the fastest week of my life.

Crazy story this week:
Dogs... there are soooooo many dogs here, especially where we live and for some reason most of them hate us.  But there is one dog in particular that really hates us.  The first time we saw her was one of our first days in the area.  We were riding home on a C-cad (a bike that has an attachment that we sit on)  and the dog came up  to us, barking at us and trying to bite us on the C-cad.  Elder Paxton did the only logical thing he could, and kicked her.  She developed even more hatred for us when she sent her little baby puppies after us...they were barking at us and Elder Paxton was trying to shoo them away and accidentally kicked one of them in the face..haha.  She really hates us now.  Recently, we were walking and she came running at us... we of course took off running too.  Luckily, we had picked up some rocks because right as she was about to bite Elder Paxton he nailed her with a rock!!!!  And..we thought she hated us before...  Now, we just run past where she lives, haha, it's really funny.  Luckily, we haven't been bit!  We're going to try to keep it that way.

Our investigators are doing really good.  "R" is progressing really well.  He has been reading his BOM a lot and praying every day.  He quit smoking which is great, and he has been coming to church.  If everything goes as planned, he will be baptized on September 17th.  Brother "M" is also doing really well.  He has been reading the BOM and he is starting to keep his commitments.  He hasn't been to church yet, but I think he will soon.  He is a way dope dude and I love teaching him.  The "B" family is doing alright.  They live so far away we so don't see them a ton, and they don't have a lot of time for us to teach them.  We went and visited them Saturday and they were all really sick so they weren't able to make it to church, such a bummer.  When one person in a household here gets sick, everyone gets sick because they live in such close quarters.  But they are doing good.  They are such a nice family, and since two of their daughters are members, they have some extra push at home.  

The area is awesome.  It is huge and we walk a lot.  It looks like we will be moving into a new apartment.  It's a brand new studio apartment (so it's just one room.) It has not been approved yet, but since it is literally the only apartment for rent that meets the requirements set by the mission, it should be approved.  It's so much nicer than the house we are in right now.  

The Philippines are great, and there's no where on earth I'd rather be than here right now. The people here are literally the best,  I have never met nicer people.  

Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Andersen

My Area

My Area

Roads I walk on everyday

My Area

Beautiful sunset

A store in my area.  I had a high school teacher by this name. haha


Rambuaton (The best fruit I've ever had.)  They call it the Philippines Grape.

A rat caught in our apartment.

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