Monday, August 8, 2016


Week 7
July 30, 2016

Manila, Philippines
Manila MTC

We didn't get a letter from Logan this week, just a few pictures and a picture of a journal entry.  In his journal entry he talked about how much he loves the Philippines.  He said that the Manila MTC is so nice and that he is already eating a lot of rice.  He talked about some of his experiences.  One funny experience he talked about was playing basketball during his exercise time with the Filipino Elders...Keep in mind that Logan is 6'4".  (That's pretty tall in the U.S...but really tall in the Philippines.)  Every time he would get the ball, they would chant..., "dunk, dunk, dunk!"   I think he took advantage of his size and felt like a superstar!

 His favorite part of being in Manila was proselyting.  He was paired up with an Elder from Australia that he loved and one of the teachers from the Manila MTC.  He loved walking down the streets and talking to everyone they saw.  He had some great moments as he taught several people and really felt the Spirit.  He said at the end of his journal entry...

"I am really starting to gain an appreciation for the things I have.  These people have literally nothing, but they are so happy.  My struggles in life are nothing compared to what they go through.  I already love these people so much, and I can't wait to spend the next two years here."

He is happy and we can almost hear his smile and laugh in his letters.  He's loving the Philippines. 
He arrived in Iloilo on Tuesday,  August 2nd.  We can't wait to hear from him, hear who is companion is, what area he is serving in and all the experiences he is having.  We are so proud of him!

Pictures from Manila...

Logan met his Aunt Elsa's brother and sister-in-law at church in Manila.  He was recently put in the MTC Presidency.  He gave Logan a bad time about balut and joked with him.  Best day ever when Elsa sent this picture to me on Sunday.  I hadn't seen any pictures of him since he left the United States.  He made it!

Driving through the streets of Manila.  It looks crazy...people everywhere!

The Elder from Australia and Manila MTC teacher that Logan had the opportunity to proselyte with.  He loved these two.  They had a great day!

Who is that giant white guy in the back?  Church in Manila

Manila Temple.  I think these are the missionaries going to Iloilo

Manila he's dabbing???

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