Monday, October 24, 2016


Week 19
October 24, 2016

What's up everyone?  I hope you all had a great week.  This week was the best week of my mission so far!

This week's crazy story: 
Not too crazy...but Elder Paxton is on his way home.  It's weird losing my mission dad (trainer) but he was great.  He served a very good mission and I can't wait to see him after the mission.  My new companion is Elder Salamatin, he is Filipino.  It sounds like I might be finishing his training, but I'm not sure.   We will meet each other tomorrow... I am excited.  

The dopest week:
This week was great for several reasons, the best part of the week was church yesterday!  Bro. "M"came to church and seemed like he really enjoyed it.  Every time I looked at him we was ultra focused.  This week we also taught a lot of less active members and most of them came to church.  It was awesome!  We were starting to feel like we weren't having much success and then we ended up having awesome attendance at church.   It is amazing how the Lord blesses us when we submit to his will and work hard.  

Because it was Elder Paxton's last week, we took a lot of pictures and so I will send a bunch from this week. 

The Language:
The first four months learning a completely new language has been awesome.  I believe I am really close to becoming fluent.  I can communicate pretty well and I'm not scared to talk to others.  It is amazing! 

This week was awesome and I realized how much I really love being a missionary.  The Philippines is the best place in the world.  The people are awesome and I love this culture.  

Love you all.  Have a great week,

Elder Andersen

The "O" family.  Nay "O" is our Mom in the area...

peanut butter and rice flower with coconut juice

"R" and his famly

The "L" Family

I got my name tag painted at the Dumangas Festival.

Ube- my favorite thing here.  It's usually purple and the put it in pastries and on bread.

Brother "M's" family and the Bishop

IN a bakery called "Gamers."  The owners give us free drinks and pastries every day.  They are also having us over for a Halloween party.

Everyone saying "goodbye" to Elder Paxton at church

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