Monday, November 7, 2016


Week 21
November 7, 2016

Hello friends and family, 

I hope you all had a great week!

This week's story:
This week I had the opportunity to go on splits.  I was with Elder Richards, it was a blast and we had so much fun together.  Honestly, I was a little bit worried because we are both pretty new, but it went great.  It gave me a lot of confidence in the language because I was able to really lead the lessons.  

Teaching experiences:
This week we taught Brother "M" a few times, all the lessons went really well.  He is progressing and just needs to stop smoking his one stick a day.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to teach "R" this week.  He has been has been gone and really busy with his work.   The "B" family moved.  The dad went to Manila for a few months and so the family moved to a different town... A real bummer,  but it's okay.  We did pick up a new family this week, the "C" family.  They are the DOPE.  We're really excited for them.  They were taught a few years ago and they seem really interested. 

We had a Zone activity today, it was great.  We had a basketball tournament...  It was district vs district and of course the DUMANGAS district won.  The Zone Leaders also got this huge trophy that is now in our apartment! That's where most of my pics are from this week.

Real exciting news!  This Sunday, Elder Quentin L Cook is coming to our mission so we all get to meet him.  I'm extremely pumped!  

Sorry for the terrible Ilonggo is getting better, but my English is getting worse! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week.  

Elder Andersen 

Some questions answered from our personal letters:

How's your new companion? My new comp is great, he's funny and way cool.  He's speaking a lot more Ilonggo, but always uses some Tagalog.  I'm picking up some Tagalog which is good.  It has gotten a lot easier.   

How was the Hawas Festival?  Hawas was great.  It's over now, but was so fun.  The whole town changed. It was right next to our apartment, which was kind of hard because they literally played music all night long.  Those ear plugs you sent with me were nice!

A member of our Bishopric

Zone Champs!

Dumangas District wins!

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