Monday, November 21, 2016


Week 23
Monday, November 21, 2016

Hello friends and family hope you all had a great week!

Crazy story this week...(there's always a crazy story in the PI.)
One night this week we stepped outside our apartment and there was this huge lizard called a Toko (I sent pictures of it.) It was kind of scary because it was huge and they bite.  I made a bet with Elder Planilla...I bet him that if he could catch it, I would give him half of my chocolate covered raisins.  I didn't think there was any way he was going to be able to catch it.  Let's just say after a lot of laughing and being scared, half of my chocolate covered raisins are now in Elder Planilla's possession. It was a great fight though, and TOTALLY worth it.  

This week was kind of a struggle with our investigators.  I'll start with Brother "M".  He is really struggling right now.  He has some tough trials and and has lost his testimony.  He keeps telling us he wants evidence that Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  We tell him that he is literally holding the evidence in his hands and all he has to do is read it.  it's very tough, hopefully he comes around.  Next, "R",  I'm not sure if I have talked bout him before, but he investigated the church about 3-4 years ago.  We contacted him, and he is awesome.  He knows all about Joseph smith and he really wants to be baptized. the only unfortunate part is that he is going to Thailand really soon and will not be here anymore.  So, I don't think we'll be able to baptize him.  "C" family- They are doing really well they're really interested about learning more.  The big news this week was about one of our investigators, "K"... I'm not sure I've talked about her either.  She is a long time investigator (as in 3-4 years)  She knows the church is true and is ready for baptism, but she is not married to her "live in partner" who is a member, just less active. She told us that they are getting married in dope!

The language:
Funny experience this week with the language.  We were talking to this guy this week and he asked how long I have been in the Philippines.  I actually miss understood him and thought he was asking how long we are here in the Philippines for our mission.  I responded 2 years.  He and a couple others were like... WOW... you already know so much Ilonggo and you've only been here for 2 years.  I was like...oh... I've really only been here for 4 months.  That was pretty cool. There were some other people that were around during that time and asked if I knew Ilonggo, he would pipe up  and say, "YES!"

The work is great and I love the Philippines.  I love serving my Lord and I have been extremely blessed because of it.  

Til we meet again,

Elder Andersen

Other pieces from our personal letters:

It's crazy that i am almost 1/4 1/4 mark is really next week at transfers.  It is so crazy and has gone by so fast for me.  I was reading my journal the other day and had written at my 2 month mark.  I hit five months a few days ago...where did time go?

Elder Richard's mom sent a package for Thanksgiving.  We aren't really doing anything special, but we are going to come home after working on Thanksgiving and have a feast.  She sent him some instant potatoes, turkey spam and a bunch of stuff...haha!  

The language is really good.  I'm comfortable to the point that i can have a normal conversation and not worry at all about the language.  I'm feeling okay about transferring (if that happens) and possibly learning another new language.  Elder Richards and I were talking and think that this is probably the one of the only missions that when you get transferred you ask, what language you will be speaking...haha!  It  would be nice to stay in this area so I can be here for Christmas, but I will do whatever I'm asked.

I"m great and loving the Philippines.  I absolutely LOVE this place.  I can't believe that I have been gone for 5 months.  The time has really flown!

Toko- A lizard here that makes a really loud sound ("TTTTOOOOOOKKKKKKOOOOO")  This one was huge.  we walked out of our apartment and it was right there on the wall.

Zone Conference 

The best sign a business could have.

FHE at the "L" Family's home.

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