Monday, November 28, 2016


Week 24
Monday, November 28, 2016

(Logan turned 20 this week, celebrated Thanksgiving and had a typhoon hit his island...quite a week.  I am so thankful for family and friends here in the states that wished him a happy birthday and for all those in the Philippines who made his birthday great when we couldn't be there!  Thanks to Elder Richard's family for the Thanksgiving Dinner...looks like they loved it!)

Hello family and friends, 
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes... I really appreciate it.

This week's crazy story: 
Typhoon, Birthday, and Thanksgiving... what a week!  So this past Thursday was great we were actually able to kind of have a Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Elder Richards and his family.  We made instant potatoes, stuffing, chicken, ice cream, rolls and a lot of butter.  It was amazing ...I'm pretty sure our Pinoy companions were a little confused and thought we were crazy!   Next the typhoon...on Friday, a typhoon hit Iloilo.  When we woke up it was dark.  it was so dark it felt like one of those days where you just really wanted to stay in bed.  We of course got up anyway and got ready.  After we got ready and started our studies, we got a call from our Zone Leader saying we couldn't work and we had to stay inside, so our "Black Friday" consisted of doing laundry and chillin' while we studied.  Next my birthday... My birthday was great, even though it didn't really feel like my birthday because we of course worked all day.  Birthdays are a big deal here and almost every member has wished me a happy birthday this week.  I was given a cake by a member and another cake from the bread shop that we love and have become good friends with the owners. It was awesome.  We had dinner at Sister Nava's which was fun, and surprisingly... I tried SQUID (don't throw up mom).  It was actually really good.  Who would have thought I would ever eat squid. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday presents and packages.  I love everything!

The work:
This week was a good work week as well.  One big focus in the mission right now is extending a baptismal invitation during the first lesson.  We did that as much as we could this week and it was awesome.  The coolest moment happened yesterday.  We were working with a few members from our ward...all older youth.  One of the members, JM had a friend that lived close to where we were working, so we decided to go visit her.  She's awesome!  We ended up sharing a short message and extending a baptismal invitation, and she accepted!  The best part was JM though, he was so excited!  Everywhere we went he told everyone his friend had a baptismal date!   WAY COOL!  Another cool experience this week was contacting one of the OYM's I talked about.  His name is "A"  He is way dope.  When we contacted him, he told us he was almost done with 1st Nephi...also, WAY COOL!   He also accepted a baptismal invitation.  

The Language:
The language is coming a long really well, I am getting better and better each day.   

Thanks you everyone for all your prayers, birthday wishes, and support.  I love you all.

Elder Andersen 

Thanksgiving Feast...Thanks to Elder Richard's family

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast with ice cream
Free trike ride on a trike that's meant for pigs

Trike Ride

Birthday Dinner- Squid


Birthday Cake from the bread shop we frequent.

After church yesterday

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