Monday, December 12, 2016


Week 26
Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello all,  
I hope you have had a great week.

So, my new Area is.... Pandan,  Antique!!!. (It's literally the very northwestern tip of the island.)  The areas is dope, it is just super far away from anything...  The area is beautiful though,  and I love it.  

I'll just kind of go through the week...  On Tuesday, Elder Richards and I took a jeep to a terminal in Iloilo and met our Zone Leader, Elder Cobabe at the terminal.  Then, we went to a different terminal where we caught a ceres (bus) to San Jose, Antique (That was about a 3 hour ride.)  When we got to San Jose, I met my companion,  Elder Zabariza.  He's way awesome... he goes home after this transfer though.  After that, we hopped on a another ceres to go to Pandan (Another 3 1/2 hour ride.)  We finally got home to the apartment at about 8:00pm,  I unpacked and them  we went to bed,.

This week was good though.  Elder Zabariza got here about 3 weeks ago so we're both really new and trying to figure out the area.  This area has been "dead" for a while, so it's our job to get it going again.  We spent a lot of the week tracting and just talking to everyone.  We have gotten a bunch of new investigators and the area is starting to to get "lit".  

I already know that I'm gonna lose a bunch of weight in this area... we walk a ton.  Our area is huge, and our house is so far away from everything.   if we're out past 6 we have to walk an hour and a half back to our house. 

Here in Pandan,  there is just a group with an average church attendance of around 20.  So, it's very small, but great!  The missionaries talk in church almost every Sunday, so that'll be a change.  

The Language:
So the language (Karaya) is not too different at all.  I pretty much understand everything anyone says and they understand my Ilonggo.  I will also learn a lot of Tagalog here, a bunch of our investigators speakTagalog. I am happy about that. 

One bummer about this area is the internet connection.  It is terrible... so I wont be able to send pictures very often.  I'll try, but it does not look to good.  

Well, that's all I have for this week.  I hope you all have a great week.
Much Love, 

Elder Andersen

WE DIDN"T GET ANY PICTURES THIS WEEK.  (Logan said that his plan is to send a bunch of pictures each time they go into the city.)


"They call this area the place where the mountains meet the sea.  It is way cool."

"The new apartment is alright, not even close to as nice as my last one, but whatever!  I know there's at least one rat that lives with us though."

"We have to travel three hours to get to Zone meetings, etc. and an hour to our District Meeting...which is one thing I forgot to mention...I was made a District Leader. (WHAT...HE FORGOT TO MENTION THAT????)  I'm really glad that Elder Cobabe and Richards got transferred with me.  Since I'm a DL, I get to talk to Elder Cobabe a lot which is great."

"I'm 3 hrs away from my Zone Leader, and I'm not sure how far away from Elder Richards."  

"The place shuts down at six, so theres no trikes after that, it's rough.  We can catch one before 6. but we get back way too early, so we never do."  

"My goal is to also become fluent in Tagalog  I really want to be able to talk with Elsa (his Aunt.).

"The new area is really good, I love it.   The new language is super similar, not hard at all.  I just have to replace about 100 vocabulary words, and that's it.  

"My new area is like five times the size of the last one, but there is only a group at church here (about 20 people at church this area is  about as different from my last area as it could have gotten."  

"For Christmas, we will go to San Jose to Skype, that'll be great.  I'm sp excited, but that's all i know as of now."

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