Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Week 37
Monday, February 27, 2017

Hello friends and family,
What's uppppppppppp??  I had a great week this week and I hope you all did too!

To be honest, I just thought for like five minutes and I can't think of any crazy natabo sa amon, so I guess it was just a mellow week haha., So I'll dive right in:

This week was really good... we were able to teach a lot and we had a lot of fun!  Right now, our biggest focus is the "A" family, especially "L".  She is so awesome... such a great investigator.  She knows that our message is true, but she always has to take care of their rice on Sunday, drying it, etc.  It's such a bummer that they haven't come to church yet, we were so excited yesterday because we were positive "L" would come to church...we even had a member stop by to bring her, but again, she wasn't able to come. I think once we move our church to the center of town she will come.  One investigator we taught this week is Sister "A".  She is really cool and has read almost half of the Book of Mormon.  We honestly haven't formally taught her yet because our lessons consist of an hour of her asking us lots of questions.   "How neat is that?"  Her biggest hangup right now is that she doesn't believe Jehovah and Jesus Christ are the same person.  We have been searching to find a scripture to help her understand Jehovah was Jesus' name in the pre-mortal life.  She's way cool.  I wish more people would ask us questions about the Book of Mormon.  The "S" family is good...we didn't have an opportunity to teach them this week because they are  busy with funeral preparations for their uncle.   We have been finding a lot this week too! We  found this one family that is awesome...I really believe they are being prepared for our message... we'll see how that goes.  

That's really all I have this week, kind of a dry letter this week haha.  But I love this place so much I love the Philippines so much.  Have a great week all!

Elder Andersen 

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