Monday, April 24, 2017


Week 45
Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,
I hope you all had a great week !

This week's crazy story:
The crazy story of the week is when we (two LDS missionaries) were walking down the street and a drunk guy called us over and invited us to come to his nephew's birthday party.  We got there  and then we felt super awkward because the guy that invited us left to go pick up some people...we were left just sitting there.  Oh least we got free food!

This week was a different week for a few reasons... Monday and Tuesday we had MLC  (Missionary Leadership Conference.  It was really great.   I learned a lot,  and the things we were taught are really going to help the mission.  Another reason that the MLC was great was because we had pizza... real pizza.   I ate so much that my stomach hurt really bad.  It was totally worth it though.  Then,  on Wednesday and Thursday, the three of us, Elder Santos and Elder Neri and I got sick, we all had something that was like the flu... I was running a fever all night Tuesday night and Wednesday  We are all better now.  We got better super quickly and we have returned to work!

This week we had some cool teaching experiences.  One cool one was when we "tag baly'ed" this house (rang the door bell).  The house wasn't just any house though, it was the house of a man that is very wealthy.  We talked to him and he ended up inviting us into his house where we taught him.  The man is Baptist and he is super open.  We talked to him about how our church is true and how he needs to be baptized in Jesus Christ's church.  He wants to know more and wants us to teach him.  He invited us to play basketball today, we may go play if we have time!  

That's about all I have this week, sorry it's so short.   I Love this work and I love Guimaras.  The Philippines is the best place on earth!  Have a great week.

Elder Andersen

Sister Cruz...Logan's Mission President's wife sent me these pictures this week..the pizza and MLC pictures are new, but the others are a little older.


Elder Cobabe

Pizza and MLC


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