Monday, October 16, 2017


Monday, October 16, 2017

Maayong aga sa inyo tanan. 

I hope all you had a great week!  

So first things first...I would like to wish my mom a Happy 50th Birthday!!! Wow so old!   haha joke lang.  But like I said last year, I love my mom so much.  I look up to here in every way, except height.   She really is the best, most Christlike person I've ever met. My mom is a true super hero in my eyes, and I don't know why I was blessed with literally the best mom ever. Mom I love you so much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This week was honestly not the best week ever.  Elder Norris and I both struggled with sickness, but we are much better now and we are ready to get to work this week.

Even though we were sick, we still had the opportunity to get a lot done. So about our investigators...they are all great. "E" is as great as ever and just doing so well.  "M" and "C" are also doing great...we have their baptisms scheduled for November 4th.   We also had the opportunity to do a service project for a new investigator, "J"...the guy with the wolf gang car. The service project was fun, but we still haven't been able to teach them because we were so sick this week.  We had the opportunity to talk a lot with his wife, and his family. They are so cool. "J" is so cool too, he literally calls us all the time telling us to come to his house to get food. I cant wait to teach them.  

Last night was also a lot of fun, We had a FHE  at the "B's" house,  ("C", "K", "M", "C", and their parents...who are starting to come out of inactivity.)  It was so much fun.  The games here in the Philippines are soooooo funny, and the punishments if you lose, are even funnier.

Other than that, the week was still a solid week, even though we dealt with sickness, I love this area and the Philippines so much!
Have a great week. 
Patchon ta kamo tanan!!
Elder Andersen

Halloween Candy

Lunch after church on Sunday

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