Monday, October 2, 2017


Week 68
Monday, October 2, 2017

Hello Friends and Family, 
Let's just say this was a crazy week.  What I said in last week's letter about me and Elder McAllister being together for six more weeks is completely NOT true... I'll walk a little through the week. On Tuesday, we had interviews and so we spent the whole day in Iloilo, unfortunately not much work got done. Tuesday night we got a call telling us that Elder McAllister would be transferring and that I would be training. Let's just say Elder McAllister and myself were super bummed. I felt bad for him, but he is alright. Wednesday he said goodbye to everyone...I was a tiny bit jealous of him because "E" has these super nice pillows that she made and she gave one to him.   After saying goodbyes, we spent the rest of the day packing. Later that evening he and I said goodbye and I slept in Iloilo for the Trainers and Trainees meeting.  

Okay... and the big news is my new trainee is Elder Norris, my first KANO trainee. He is from Mississippi, but has been living in Germany for the past 3 years. He is  tight and I'm happy to be with him. I really miss Elder McAllister but I think both of us will grow more being in our new companionship's. We got back to our area Thursday night and we got to work on Friday. I feel kind of bad for Elder Norris because I have been working with him really hard. He was happy for some sleep today.  

This week has been great to though. Our investigators are great and are doing better than ever. 'E' is so great and we have been able to teach 'j' again.   "M". "J" and "L", their daughter came to church on Sunday and they really liked it! All of our investigators are so great. This work is the best!

My favorite story this week was from "E". We went to "E"s house on Friday, and she was telling me that her 9 year old daughter, "D" (who has cerebral palsy) asked "is Elder McAllister coming back?" "E" said, "No.", thinking she was missing Elder McAllister. Then "D"said, "but my pillow!"  SO FUNNY! I was laughing really hard! 

I love this place!  I miss  Elder McAllister, but I love Elder Norris, and Passi is on fire. Have a great week!
Halong kamo
Elder Andersen

Elder McAllister's last visit with Elsie

Dirty sleeve after only 3 hours of idea how that happened

Dirty Sleeve..weird!

Elder McAllister's Last Day...saying goodbye to "E"

Elder McAllister's Last Day

Training Meeting

New Companion, Elder Norris

Elder Norris

When you ride on a trike with "E", and don't fit!

Our Area

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