Saturday, July 30, 2016


Week 6- MTC

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow time has flown by... it is so crazy that I am leaving for the PI tomorrow!  I can't wait to get there and start to teach and love the people of the PI.  The MTC (Missionary Training Center) has been great and so much fun.  I have really learned so much here not only about the gospel, but about myself, a whole new language that I had never heard of, and a new culture.  One thing I've heard over and over about the Filipino people is that they are the most loving and humble people on this planet... I can't wait to meet these people!  

This week was really great.  The highlight of my week was the Sunday night concert (devotional).  The Nashville Tribute Band came to the MTC and played for us.  They were all members of the church and the songs they sang were about the gospel.   They pretty much taught The Restoration with probably 15 different songs.  They started with Christ’s earthly ministry, then sang about the restoration of the true gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith.  It was awesome and a super cool devotional.  I never knew that this music which was a mix of rock and country could bring the spirit soooooo strongly.  It was such a great time.  That devotional was also super special to me because I love music so much and this was the first time I'd heard music in six weeks.  

This week we also had some super special teaching moments that testified to me that I am ready to really start my mission in the PI.  Even though I have somewhat of a base of this brand new language, I'm still learning, but I know for a fact the gift of tongues is real and that I will be blessed.  Another funny thing that happened this week was that one of my teachers predicted where I would go for my first area. I forgot the area he said, but it was on the west coast of Iloilo somewhere.  Aklanon is the language spoken is really wacky.  I have no idea what a lot of the words are... my teacher spoke a little of the language to me. It is crazy!  I actually think it would be awesome if that is my first area.   

Tomorrow I head off for the PI and I can't wait.  There is about 30-40 of us going together so even though the flights will be so long, it should be fun! I fly from here to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Manila.  I will be in Manila for 5 days and then off to my island of Iloilo.  

To give you a taste of IIonggo, here is a short testimony:
Kabalo ako nga matoud ang simbahan.  Kabalo ako nga proppeta ni Joseph Smith.  Kabalo ako nga palanagga sang Dios.  Kabalo ako nga palangga si Jesuscristo.  Kabalo ako nga matoud sang Libro ni Mormon.  

Who ever can translate that wins a prize!

Much Love, 
Elder Andersen

"PEACE OUT"  Leaving Tomorrow!!

"Peace Out!"  My District

My Zone...last time at the Provo Temple before we leave.

My District...the night before we left.

Just a few ties...hope they'll all fit in the suitcase.

Iloilo, Philippines

My District together in our mission t-shirts.

The perks of having your  older brother working at the MTC for 4 years...he gets to come and say goodbye!  LOVE this picture so much!

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