Monday, May 29, 2017


WEEK 50 
Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's up Friends and Family:
Segieah this week's crazy story happened yesterday:
Yesterday was an absolute crazy day...we had church then we headed down to San Lorenzo for a Sacrament Service, then to Jordan for our District Presidency Meeting.  So here is Guimaras finding a ride is hard, and it is really hard to go from San Lorenzo to Jordan...there's only single motors that do the trip (about 30 min.) In the Philippines, it's not rare to see 5,6,7,or even 8 people on one motorcycle, but those are Filipinos...I'm not a Filipino haha.  So, putting a huge white guy and his companion on one motorcycle is not the easiest thing.  We hopped on the motorcycle and the driver hit the gas and BOOM...he popped a wheelie right off the start. Luckily... me and Elder Santos landed on our feet. So. on the second try... the driver was sitting on the gas tank, i was sitting where the driver should be, and Elder Santos  was somewhere behind me.  The driver tried to turn,  that didn't work very well because he almost laid the bike down.  The third time was kind of a charm...the way we had to sit was extremely uncomfortable and we were on the motorcycle for a half hour with my feet dragging on the ground almost the whole way.  The mission has been saying that we should only ride on a single motor if it's a last was for sure a last resort.  My feet, ankles, and legs STILL hurt. haha It was an experience i'll never forget though! 

The week:
This week was good.  We received a referral from a member last week, her name is "L".  We taught her last week and it went great. When we met her, we found out that he brother was super sick, he had no strength and for some reason his stomach was super bloated.  We could tell that he was in really bad shape., but the lesson was good.  We came back on Wednesday to teach her  and the lesson went really well again, but we could tell her brother was still not doing well at all.  Elder Santos and I gave her a blessing.  After the blessing we could tell his pain had left him...he wasn't moaning anymore from the pain and he was quiet and still.  When the blessing was done, he raised his right hand like he was saying good bye.  Elder Santos and I left and headed to our next appointment.  On Friday we found out that he passed away.  Elder Santos told me he felt he was going to die after the blessing and actually that was how I felt too.  "L's" brother told her after we left that he was ready to die.  I'm so glad that we were there to give that blessing and that the Lord took his pain away before he died.  I'm so thankful for the priesthood.  This week we struggled a bit with teaching.  So I prayed ant thought about what I needed to do and ended up studying diligence.  My focus right now is trying to be really diligent. 

This upcoming week:
This week is the Missionary Leadership Conference.  We are headed down there in a little bit.  I'm excited for it!

That is about all I have for this week, I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Halong kamo.

Elder Andersen

A jeepney ride this week..not the motorcycle ride from the blog post

Sitting on top of the jeepney

Elder Santos and me 

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