Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Week 58
Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello Friends and Family, 

I hope you all had a great week.

This week was a little bit of a different week, but it was awesome. On Tuesday,  we had a Zone Meeting with President Cruz. It was amazing... he taught about the Atonement and about some deeper doctrine which was really cool to learn. Then on Friday, we had a meeting with Elder Collins, the Philippines Area Medical Advisor. He shared medical information and also medical precautions we should be taking for things such as Dengue, etc.  It was very interesting and so helpful to learn all the information he taught us. 

Other than the meetings that took place, the work was good this week.  We are really working right now in our area to become closer to members. We have been feeling that the work here in our area could be so much effective with the help of the members, so we have been visiting a lot of members. One cool thing we did this week was a District Service Project for Sister "F".  It was so fun. We all worked hard and cleaned up her yard.   Afterwards, she made and bought all of us some absolutely fantastic food.   I love her so much, and now she is beginning to help us with the work!  

Our Investigators:
Our investigators are doing alright. We are struggling to get them to church, but our best investigator right now is "R" Sr. He is the father of "R" Jr. (the baptism that happened here my first day here.) He is so awesome, His life has really changed because of this gospel.  We're still working with him on a few things, but he will be baptized in the near future.  "L"   is still doing great, there are some things we are just working through with her, but we're getting there.  

That's really all I have this week.  The work here in Jaro is great and I love you all!

Plangga taka 

Elder Andersen

The District...minus 2

The Boys

CSP (Community Service Project)

CSP (Community Service Project)

CSP (Community Service Project)

The Best Sign!

The "V" Family, Bishop, and Bro 

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