Monday, July 10, 2017


Week 56
Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,

First of all, I would like to wish my Grandpa a very Happy Birthday!   I love that man so much and I have so many memorable stories with him... "DOUGLAS!!!"

This week there really wasn't anything crazy thing that happened.  The biggest thing that happened this week however, was that we moved! The new house is sooooo nice and so much more accessible.  We just don't have any closets yet and our  refrigerator is broken.  So, we are living out of our suitcases, and we have to eat out every meal... haha not too bad.  

This week was really good. Our most progressing investigator is a lady named "L".  I may have talked about her last week. We have been visiting her a lot and she is sooo great!   Every time we visit her, we talk for a little bit, and when we ask if we can share.   She's like... "YEAH... That's what I've been waiting for!"  She is so great. She really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon because she gets to know Jesus Christ through it. We are so happy that we found her.  She she lives very close to some members in the Ward, so we have some great fellow-shippers lined up! We have also been "finding" a lot, because our pool is a little small.  It's been a little slow, but it's coming along.  One other crazy thing that happened this week was that we got our electric bill.  Before I got here to  Jaro, they hadn't received an electric bill for three months.  Finally... on Wednesday, we got the was almost 14,000 pesos. Almost 150 dollars.  We couldn't believe it...we had to spend part of our week going back and forth from our place to the electric place.  It was a super big hassle, but we got the issue solved.  They had made a mistake and the bill was only 2000 much cheaper!

That's about all I have for this week. The work here is great, and I'm soooo glad to be here in Jaro! 

Halong kamo pierme, plangga taka
Elder Andersen 

Other questions answered from our personal letters:

Q:  Did you feel the earthquake that happened this week in the Philippines?  Did it impact you at all?
A: No earthquake felt here at all!

Q:  What is your new companion's native language?
A:  My companion's native language is Ilonggo, so I have been learning deep Ilonggo.  I have learned some funny words.  

Elder Madrid.  Actually now, it's...Brother Madrid.  We are friends from the mission.

Baptism from the Jaro 2nd Ward.  Elder Geocadin baptized them.

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