Thursday, July 6, 2017


Week 55
Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,

This week was great! All start off the usual way...

This Week's Crazy Story:

On Saturday, we were tracting all morning.  After about two hours of just getting straight denied, one of the craziest things happened to us.  We were talking to this lady, and she asked us if we wanted some water.  We told her that would be nice, and she brought us into her house. (Her cousin came into the house with us.)  She started making us juice, and then brought it out to us along with some crackers. (A typical thing to do here.) We talked a little bit, and drank all the juice. When she saw that our juice was gone, she went and made us some more and also got us some bread to eat. A little bit later while we were talking to her cousin, she was making us hot dogs, eggs and another pitcher of juice.  We were in this lady's house for awhile, and then she offered to make us rice and fries and a whole bunch of other stuff,  We told her thank you, but that we were full...haha   She was one of the nicest people I've ever met!  

So, her cousin is literally crazy... haha.  His name is "D.A.".  Apparently he knows EVERYTHING.  He told us he was paid to go to Harvard.  (He's been to America one time and really isn't smart...he's "clever".  While we were talking, he was waiting for Donald Trump to call him.  It was a good time talking to him, and the lady who gave us all the food is actually interested in our message!

The week: 
This week was a lot of fun, the people here are soooo nice.  We get fed almost every night, it's awesome...but it means I'm gonna get fat.  We have had a lot of good teaching experiences this week too! We found this one lady, "L", she is dope, we've taught her her twice and she loves our message, she tells us to come by any time. She has had some family problems in the past, so we'll be able to help her with her problems.  We have also had a lot of success teaching and getting part member families interested in the gospel. l.  Some members have been helping us too.  Yesterday at church we received a few referrals and had two members bring their friends to church.   Yesterday was a fairly successful day at church... we had 5 investigators that came.  The work is good and this area is really starting to progress! 

That's really all that I have for this week, I love all you so much and I hope you all have  a great week!
Plangga taka

Elder Andersen

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