Monday, January 22, 2018


Week 84
Monday, January 2, 2018

Hello Friends and Family,
I hope you all had a great week...

Well... Let's just say Ati-Atihan was this week, so this was definitely a harder week...hahah. But, it was... interesting. Honestly, until now I wasn't quite sure what Ati-Atihan was haha.  So, an ATI is the native/indigenous people in the Philippines. They have super dark skin.  In the Ati-Atihan Festival, people paint themselves black, and celebrate El Santo Nino. So...people were drinking, dancing, drinking, dancing with El Santo Nino... drinking, drinking, drinking, and drinking, I'm pretty sure at one point all of Kalibo was drunk except for the members of the church... haha. 

Even with this crazy festival going on, we were able to visit a lot of members and become really close with them.

This week we also had our Zone Conference, it was really good, it was basically just an overview of the rules.  It was fun to be back with Elder Infante and Elder McAllister for a little bit...they slept over at our house. 

But, back to the members... A new rule in our mission is that we aren't allowed to tract. The new game plan is referrals, referrals, referrals. We've been visiting a lot of members and receiving a lot of referrals. It has been really good. We have become closer with the members and I am just so excited! It has been amazing! 

Other than that, this week was great and a lot of fun, I'm glad Ati-Atihan is over though and that we can get back to our normal.

Mahal ko kayo lahat 

Elder Andersen 

Mang Inasal, with the!

When a seven year old knows how to drive a trike.

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