Monday, January 23, 2017


Week 32
Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello friends and family, I hope you all had a good week!

This week's crazy story:
So the craziest thing that happened this week was me getting my Bata (child).  (The missionaries call companions that are brand new in the mission, their "child", and the Trainer is considered their "dad".  haha  Logan is training his new companion and Logan is his first companion, so Logan is considered his dad. HAHA)  He is dope... his name is Elder Estrada.  He's from Laguna Luzon, which is about 2 hrs South of Manila. He speaks Tagalog.  He doesn't really understand Ilonggo or Karay-a yet, but he'll get it quick.  He studies hard and I'm teaching hm.  He's pretty good at English and he is so prepared. I love him, he's awesome and we are going to make a great companionship.

Transfers were great.  All the Trainers went to |Iloilo for transfer meetings and to pick up our Batas.  It was way dope because Elder Infante (Logan's MTC companion) and  Elder Steiner (friend from MTC and in the same mission batch) are also training, so I was able to see them and hang out with them on Wednesday night and Thursday.  (Not too much of a crazy story, but the biggest thing that happened this week!)

This week:
This week was a lil' different...actually, a lot different.  On Sunday, I went down to San Jose.  From Sunday to Wednesday, I was on splits with Elder Cobabe. (One of Logan's Zone Leaders).  It was so much fun, he has become one of my best friends, I love being with him. On Wednesday night, Elder Kortus and I (another missionary in my zone) went to Iloilo.  We got to the Mission Home around 8ish.  I was so surprised when we walked into the Mission Home and Elder Infante was there.  I was so excited to see him.  We ate dinner then went and slept at the Assistants' house.  On Thursday, we came back to the Mission Home and had some trainings and were told who our Batas were.  After the trainings, we headed back to San Jose because it was too late to catch a bus back to Pandan.  Friday morning, we woke up and left for Pandan and got here at about 1pm.  We did some shopping for some things that Elder Estrada needed and then came home and did our weekly planning that took about three hours. Then, Elder Estrada unpacked and we went to bed.  

Saturday, I had to conduct some Baptismal Interviews in Tibiao, which is about 11/2 hrs away.  So,  we were there until 4pm.  When we got back to our area, we taught "L" and "K".  

Finally, on Sunday, we were able to work!  We taught the "S" family.  It's unfortunate because they went to a Catholic church yesterday, but we committed them to come to our church this upcoming Sunday.  After teaching the "S" family, we got punted a bunch of times... literally 4 times in a row.  We ended the night by being invited to a birthday party where there was so me great food and a ride home.  It was a bit of a rough week because it wasn't a normal week and we weren't able to work that much.   I am excited for next week when we can work hard.

Cool experience:
So I didn't talk about this experience last week... but I had a super cool experience when Elder Cobabe and I were in Pandan together.  We were doing a study and he asked what i would like to learn from him.  I told him I wanted to learn how to baptize families.  He told me some stuff and game me some suggestions  The best part was when he closed our study with a prayer.  While he was praying, he asked our Heavenly Father to bless me to be able to find families.  As he said that, I literally saw a place in my mind in our area that I should go to work.  it was so cool! (I literally had a vision.) I can't wait to go there and work!

I am so excited for this work.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to train and have a companion that is so excited to work at my side. 

I love all you so much! I thank you for your prayers and all your love I hope you all have a great week!
Ingat kayo dyan

Elder Andersen

Our new companions, my companion...Elder Estrada

Met up with my MTC companion, Elder Infante and another MTC friend, Elder Steiner at the transfer meeting

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