Monday, January 30, 2017


Week 33
Monday, January 30, 2017

What is up Family and friends??? 

I hope you all had a good week!    Since my "crazy" stories haven''t been so crazy lately...I'm going to make up for it...i've got two great ones this week! 

Crazy Stories:
First,  this week we were walking to our Branch President's house from the Plaza...he probably lives about 1-2 km away from the Plaza.  We were walking, and luckily a trike pulled up next to us and gave us a free ride.  I was riding on the back of the motorcycle and i was turned around slightly, talking to Elder Estrada who was inside.  I turned back around and me being me... I fell off  haha.  It was insane!   We were probably going like 30 or 40 km per hour.  I  kind of landed on my feet then rolled a few times.  It was soooo funny.  This is a literal testimony that the Lord protects his servants because I literally don't have a scratch on me.  This was a super embarrassing!  

Next... Let's say... I completely believe in ghosts now!  So, I have heard from several people that our apartment has some ghosts that live in it.. and I believe it!  One night last week we came home and I thought that the cat was on our roof because it was being super loud.  I hit he ceiling, and it suddenly stopped...but just then i  felt  and heard something brush up on my leg!  (I compare it to the Disneyland show of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" where the things run over your feet and legs.  It was wacky!  There's also been some other stuff happen in the apartment that has been freaky! Needless to say, we didn't sleep much that night!  Then the next night, we said a prayer and told those spirits to get the heck out of our apartment!  All has been good sense.  Good stories eh?

The week: 
Even with these crazy experiences, this week has been great!  We've been doing a lot of finding and we have been having a lot of success.  The biggest success stories of this week are two referrals we got from members.  One is "N".  He actually just moved here from Bcolod, so he is pure Ilongggo... soooo nice! (This is Logan't main language!.) He lives with his cousin and he is progressing very well.  "N" knows this is the truth and has a baptismal date for February 18th. The other referral is the "A" family.  They are so dope!  Sister "L" is friends with several members and is really progressing.  We are also working with her husband...The entire family lives in this compound, so we plan on baptizing all of them! haha.  All of the kids love us because we've spent some time with them teaching them magic and stuff.  The "S" family was gone all week so we didn't get to teach them.  The work is good and we're really working hard helping and teaching a lot of people right now.   

Some other cool news this week:
Yesterday, I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time.  This time was way different though.  I really remembered so much more and I learned so much from my reading this time.  My favorite parts of the Book of Mormon are all of the prophets last words for example Moroni 7-10, and 2nd Nephi 30-33. I've been thinking a lot about our message.  I love that we literally ask people to read this book and ask God if it is true.  I know this is the true church!
Some other news is My "BFF", Elder Cobabe, was transferred this week... He was made Assistant to the President.  I'm very happy for him.  He's going to do such a great job for this mission. 

Well, that's about all I have for this week I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your Prayers. Have a great week!
Mahal Kita 

Elder Andersen

Questions answered from our personal letters:

Question:  How is your new companion and the training going?

Answer:  "Elder Estrada is great!  The language is coming along great for him.  (His first language is Tagalog.) He studies hard all the time and he is picking it up quick.  We get along really well.  He is a super obedient missionary and loves to work!"  

Transfer meeting...waiting getting my new "son"  (I am training him.)

Meeting Elder Estrada

Love him already!

David and Goliath

Beautiful Pandan

Love this Kid!

Church yesterday

Church two weeks ago.

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